Thursday, November 21, 2013

Education System: Know Your Role

So after watching a video that disturbed me yesterday about a father who was arrested for trying to pick up his children from school, I decided that it was high time I voiced my opinion about the education system today. I think the education system has gotten way to big for their britches and need to learn their role.

I believe the cop that arrested the father in the video had better calm the heck down because all he was doing was abusing his badge. Police are put in schools to protect the students and give parents a piece of mind while their children are at school. But to arrest a parent who wasn't even raising his voice for coming to pick up his children and voicing his opinion, can anyone say violation of rights?

My daughter is not of school age yet, but I will be damned to see the day that any school will tell me I can not take my child out of school when I want to. I have had this problem with some local daycares in my area as well. My daughter hasn't taken a nap since she was 15 months old but every school tells me it is their policy that she has to lay down for 2 hours.

If my daughter lays down for two hours she will be up all night, I as a parent don't want my daughter laying down at all during the day, I am paying for her to get an education not for her to sleep. As her mother if I am paying her tuition and my child has the ability to play quietly at a table while other kids nap, then that is what she is going to do.

I carried my daughter for 9 months, went through an emergency c-section, spent 6 weeks recovering from the surgery, I know what is best for my child and I decide what is best for her and I believe if I am paying you to watch my child, than you are going to play by my rules and not your own.

Now I have worked in a daycare facility and all you hard working parents are paying up to $200 a week for your child to be educated by these facilities, which in turn is paying their employees. Not only are you paying their employees to teach your children, but you are paying their employees to sit around on their cell phones for two hours while your child sleeps.

 I also don't agree with the fact that these daycares have a set lunch program. I think that food programs are great, especially for parents that don't have the money or the time to provide food for their child in daycare. My daughters father is a cook for a living and we prefer that she have meals that we deem fit for our child, but being told we can't send her with food because other children have allergies is the biggest pile of BS I have ever heard. I am sending a lunch for my child not for other peoples children, so why does some other kids allergies matter? As far as children sharing on their own goes, this is why we pay teachers to be there, to keep an eye on these kids.

I understand the educational system has to improve to help kids get better test scores and keep children safe in a crazy world, but telling the parents what to do has gone too far. Schools are there to teach my kids ABCs and 123's and that is all, I don't care what degree you went to school for or what your damn policies are, I gave birth to my child and you will not tell me what is best for my child or what my child is GOING to do.

Smartin up schools!

-Miss Information

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